Running Alphabet Q&A #3: E. Wayne Ross

E. Wayne Ross has recently run a very accurate uppercase H in Vancouver, Canada. Here comes his interview.

What do you do for living?
I’m a professor of education at the University of British Columbia, where I conduct research and teach courses related to curriculum and the politics of education.

How is running improving your creativity?
Running helps to clear my mind and allows me to focus on personal or professional projects. For example, my solo running time is often an opportunity to think about research and writing projects. Sometimes I finish a run with greater clarity about what it is I’m trying to accomplish; other times I’ll have “written” complete sections of articles in my head by the time I finish a run.

How was the experience of running a character?
I really enjoyed the idea of creating a piece of art/design via GPS mapping of a run. I was quite focused on running in a straight line, particularly in places where I had to double back on the route. There are a few places on the GPS map where you see that I had to run “off course” to get around pedestrians or other obstacles.

Which is your favorite typeface?

Thank you!