Running Alphabet Q&A #4: Alexander Casassovici

Alexander Casassovici has recently run the uppercase K at Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

What do you do for living?
I’m the co-founder of DiveBoard a place for scuba divers to log their dives, share their experiences and explore the world of scuba diving.

How is running improving your creativity?
A short run every other morning (5-8km) helps clear up the mind and pump up some energy for the end of the day… and often find out the creative solution that will solve (some) of the ongoing issues.

How was the experience of running a character?
Super fun! Although it’s quite tough to find a runnable pattern close enough to the letter I wanted to be drawing, it was really fun to run with a greater focus on the path I was following than on the usuals (animals and pace).

Which is your favorite typeface?
I guess it’s currently Monaco – not sure it’s really my favorite but definitely the one I’m using most!

Thank you!