Live tweeting from NYC marathon

Today is the day, NYC Marathon is here. Definitely a challenge some day I will accomplish. Meanwhile, the talented editorial illustrator Christoph Niemann will be tweeting and running at the same time from the big apple. Follow him here

Happy Halloween

I’m a day late, but this image worths it.

Hey Canada, Running Alphabet loves U

Dominique McGregor sent the uppercase U from Montreal, Canada.
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Running Alphabet gets to Tel Aviv

My good friend Elies Campo sent me this submission of the uppercase T from Tel Aviv. Really cool.
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The Amazing Joseph Tame

When I started the Running Alphabet I thought I was bringing some fresh air in the act of running and even in design. In some way I think I did but when I came across Joseph Tame I felt I’m the most boring person in the world. Joseph really took it to the next level, traceing logos and other shapes in the beautiful city of Tokyo. This guy really knows about entertainment and having fun.

Here is his submission to Running Alphabet


A very special submission from the one and only Joseph Tame. Uppercase S traced in Saitama prefecture, north of Tokyo.
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Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run”

R for Rita

I dedicate this run to my wife Rita. Very special uppercase S coming soon.
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Ciutadella’s Half Marathon

Yesterday I ran my second half marathon ever and the evolution from last years couldn’t be better. I’ve been training pretty hard this year and of course the Running Alphabet has also helped to finish the race 30 minutes earlier than last year.

The true history behind me participating in this race is that last year I promised to myself to dedicate the run to my dad who had a tough year becouse of health issues, thankfully he is fully recovered so it was my way to say thank you. I know, this is quite mediterranian but it what I felt and what I wanted to do. The problem was that I didn’t train as much as I needed to and I really struggled to finish the race. Suffered a lot of pain but I did finish it and that was the point.

This year has been different, eventhough this year I dedicated the run to my mother who recently had health problems. It took me two hours, I now is a lot of time, but remember I’m a big guy , 6,2 high and 220 pounds so I honestly feel very very proud.

You’ve been probably thinking I give to much meaning to running but I still see myself as a beginner and acomplishing all these challenges makes myself a stronger and happier person.

Good morning.

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