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Running Monks

Undercover x Nike film from POP Magazine on Vimeo.

The Alphabet 2

Nike Lunarglide 3 City Pack

Five designs for five international destinations, still waiting the Menorca ones though :)
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Badass type project by Victor Koen
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P Signs on P route

Julien Couasnon has made a very interesting addition to his Capital P route. Here are some pictures he took during his running session.
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Pick a P

You know sometimes it’s hard to decide between different options, and it gets even harder when you are conscious about the big effort is behind every option. I’ve recieved three different capital P, all of them very interesting, and eventhough there only can be one I’d like to share the other two in this post.

Here’s a prominent capital P sent by Daniel Sauble from Newberg, Oregon.
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Conrado Miranda, who has already participated in the Running Alphabet, has sent this capital P from Toronto, Canada.
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On the local newspaper

The local newspaper “Diari Menorca” has published a full page article about the Running Alphabet.
Read the full article (in spanish) here

Running Alphabet Q&A #7: Sera Koo

Early this week I recieved a very special submission by Sera Koo who ran the capital O letter at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, in the middle of Central Park, New York.

Here’s what she has to say:

What do you do for living?
I’m currently a grad student getting my masters in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

How is running improving your creativity?
It helps me to look and exist outside of my small world. After awhile, as the runs get longer, you can’t help but take in the scenery, pick up on patterns, and be grateful for the simple things in life. Like… isn’t it amazing to run as the sun’s setting over the reservoir in Central Park? And running, for me, is less about the exercise as it is about a momentary respite where I can work out problems. There’s something about quietly slowing down that allows me to be at my creative best.

How was the experience of running a character?
Having yet another purpose to running was awesome and a nice change, especially something as collaborative as this. Running in NY can be difficult with all the taxis, stop lights and strollers everywhere. But this makes me want to experiment with paths and see what other characters I could help create.

Which is your favorite typeface?
I always keep coming back to League Gothic.

Thank you!

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