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Frutiger Serif

Linotype has just released a serif version of one of the most popular typefaces ever, Frutiger.
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May not be a trendy and eyecathing site, but TypeCulture is definitely one of my favourites typography web. They own a very neat catalogue of font but what’s more interesting to me and really vualble is the “Academic Resource” page, a place where you can find very interesting article and essays, videos and many more. Worth to bookmark.

Nike + City Runs

Very beautiful project by YesYesNo celebrating the launch of the Nike Free Run+ 2 City Pack series. They develop software that would allow runners to create dynamic paintings with their feet using their Nike+ GPS run data and create visuals based on the speed, consistency and unique style of each person’s run.

Project page

New Balance Spring 2012

New Balance is facing a very exciting 2012 with new shoes and new technology. Check it out.
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Off Book | Typography | PBS Arts

Adidas Running Adizero Feather

Adidas has recently released a big step forward to their running products, Adizero Feather, promoting ultra lightweight footwear.
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Nice little piece of industrial design by Jack Curry. Great for all designers young and old with many books.
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Movable Letterpressing

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Running Alphabet hits Vanity Fair Spain

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