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I like fun typography, I can’t help it. I like to be entertained by letters so Friends of type is definitely one of my favourites typography resources. It displays very creative and colorful type work, hand drawn, serif, sans serif, etc. You can’t miss it.

The Alphabet 2


Badass type project by Victor Koen
Via Typotoken

P Signs on P route

Julien Couasnon has made a very interesting addition to his Capital P route. Here are some pictures he took during his running session.
Check their location here

On the local newspaper

The local newspaper “Diari Menorca” has published a full page article about the Running Alphabet.
Read the full article (in spanish) here

22 of the World’s Most Creative Alphabets

I hope our alphabet get in this list soon :)
watch them all

Frutiger Serif

Linotype has just released a serif version of one of the most popular typefaces ever, Frutiger.
Check it out


May not be a trendy and eyecathing site, but TypeCulture is definitely one of my favourites typography web. They own a very neat catalogue of font but what’s more interesting to me and really vualble is the “Academic Resource” page, a place where you can find very interesting article and essays, videos and many more. Worth to bookmark.

Off Book | Typography | PBS Arts


Nice little piece of industrial design by Jack Curry. Great for all designers young and old with many books.
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