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Running Alphabet hits Vanity Fair Spain

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Running Alphabet made it to the NYTimes

It was two weeks ago when I got an email from a NYTimes contributor asking me to publish a post about RunningAlphabet at the Style Magazine. I just couldn’t belive it, I mean, it’s the NYTimes! I know this is pretty big, but considering I live in such a small island in the middle of the Mediterranian to me it makes this even more special. I just told a few close friends about it and they were really excited about it, but still I prefered not making it official until I saw it online! Today, I’m still in a little bit of a shock, but in the other hand I feel pretty proud for the main reason wich all this project is about, try try try! keep going, and work hard. So Thank you very much Stephanie Orma and all you people who have helped this go live! Now it’s time to keep running.

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FromKeetra prints

Digging this prints by FromKeetra

Enric Jardi’s Weekly Garden Thoughts

Earlier this year catalan designer Enric Jardi started a blog posting his visual point of view about current cultural and political events, definitely worth to watch. Among all this is my favourite one.
I had the luck of working at his studio about five years ago and I will always be thankful for all I learned during those days.
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FontBook on iPad & Nike Livestrong Free Xilla

Here are to amazing product that have recently gone live. I’ve you are into typography you’ve probably heard about FontShop’s FontBook app for iPad, definitely the ultimate tool to browse among typefaces.
At the same time, Nike has just released Livestrong Free Xilla sneakers that have really impressed me.

True font face

by Andy Clymer

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